Why USS Global is the complete package for the Insurance Industry

3 Way Communication

A tool that allows specific 3-way communication between the builder/insurance company and the insured.

Photo Measurement

The ability to measure items on the photos provided.

Location Services

The ability for the building to get repair address details from the application and push through to phones mapping system.

Online Policy Renewal

The ability to retain existing customers through an easy to use renewal feature.

Push Notifications

Allow direct contact with the insured customer in relation to weather alerts, builders on site arrival etc.

Camera Resolution Settings

The feature to make sure customers camera settings are on the highest resolution possible.

Feedback Rating

The ability for the customer to rate the repair process and the builder. It also allows customers to choose thier nominated repairer by rating.

Wi-Fi Setting Reminder

The feature to remind customer to turn on wifi settings for better GPS location co-ordinates.

Brief Demonstration

To encourage the customer to download the application from the commencement of their policy, we have included and ongoing rewards system to maintain the contact with the insured customer.

GPS Location Services

The ability to place GPS locations on photos taken to reduce fraudulant claims.

Voice Recording

The ability to allow the customer to leave a brief voice recording of the details of the insurance event.

Rewards Centre

An in house rewards system to incentivise insurance customers to download the app.

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